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Do not break your leg. And if you do, remove all stairs in your house. March 13, 2010

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I’m telling you, the hardest thing you will EVER do ever in your life ever is to go up and down stairs on crutches. It’s REALLY hard. Let me give you a recap of me goin’ upstairs to get something.

  • I lean down and get my crutches.
  • I use them to pull myself up.
  • I get myself – sloooowly – over to the stairs.
  • I stare at the stairs and wonder how to get up them.
  • I wonder if there were always so many stairs.
  • I go back over to the computer and Google getting up stairs on crutches.
  • I follow the Google instructions.
  • I realize that the Google instructions are very hard to follow.
  • I pull myself up 1 stair, leaning on the handrail.
  • My bad leg slams into the stair and I collapse in pain.
  • I pull myself up again.
  • I pull myself up all of the stairs. (Duration: 30 mins)
  • I get myself over to the chest of drawers.
  • I realize that the item is in the bottom drawer.
  • I lean on the chest on my good side.
  • I lower myself as much as I can.
  • I put down my crutches and slide my bad leg down. (It’s in an immobilizer, so I can’t bend it.)
  • When I’m on the ground, I get the item out of the drawer.
  • I pull myself up with the crutches.
  • I grab the item under my arm and hobble out of the bedroom.
  • I sit down on the stairs and slide down them.
  • I crutch over to the computer again and sit down. (Total time: 2 hours.)

Not to mention that right now, my bad leg is really killing me. I absolutely cannot move it at all, so I have to drag it going up stairs and stuff.

I think I sprained my wrist hobbling around like this. Greeeat.

This is gonna be a really long post.

Anyway. I shall tell about the adventures of sitting down in a chair. I have to sit down slowly, putting my crutches within arm’s reach. I also have to prop up my bad leg on a stool, since I can’t bend it or move it. I have to lift my bad leg with my hands and place it on the stool. I’m doing this now…..ow, my back. I think I hurt my back. Great.

I just want to let you guys know how hard the little things you take for granted are, like climbing stairs and sitting down. When you have even a small disability, life gets a LOT harder. Trust me.

Anyway, gotta get an Advil. See ya later……..ouch.



1. Jes - March 13, 2010

Aw, I’m sorry! I hope your ankle feels better! 🙂

2. Hijuyo - March 13, 2010

Hope you get well soon, Coskit! 😉

3. Giant Hawk - March 14, 2010

Ouch! 😦 Also, I think the IBOP deleted you because they shut down March 13th, 2010, (recently) 🙂 .

Coskit - March 15, 2010

They shut down? Doesn’t say that on their website…..and I’m still an owner of that site, so I have no idea what you’re talking ’bout….

Giant Hawk - March 16, 2010

Oops…I meant they quit…or Tyrian quit. according to the newest post. I guess they still left the URL. Or maybe they deleted that post! I’m gonna go check!

4. Ocean Clover♣ - March 17, 2010

Wow…two hours? Yikes. I’ve never had a broken bones, but I’ve had two chairs fall on my head, I’ve fallen face first on pavement, had someone step on my head twice, etc, etc, I could go on forever.

Coskit - March 18, 2010

Ouch! Someone stepped on your head? 😮 😦

5. anahappysword - March 30, 2010

Hope ur leg gets better soon…..

6. molly98 - May 15, 2010

Ouch! 😦 I’m sorry, you’ll heal soon. 🙂

molly98 - May 15, 2010

Woah, my comment looks the same as GHs! Weird. XP

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