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Pictures! May 23, 2010

Posted by molly98 in Uncategorized.

Hi again!  😀  First of all, I want to congratulate Moony for being part of the staff here!  Welcome to the team!  I had another lacrosse game… and we won both games!  🙂  The first was 9-1 and the second was 6-5.  Now on to the pictures…

This was made by Rai.  You can see her blog if you click here.   Her blog also has more awesome snail pictures if you click here and here. 😀   ( I love this link thingy! )

A Justin Bieber picture I edited.  More to come, my friends.  More to come.

This one is kind of violent but I had to share it with you guys.  🙂  I used to play CP… but…

I should have made this one bigger.  The penguin is saying,  “What happened to your foot?”  Soon, I’ll make the other penguin say, “I lost it shoplifting from the Gift Shop.”        Do you think I’m too violent?  😐

I just think this one is funny… I didn’t edit it myself.

That’s all for now…  more later.  😉



1. xXmoonyXx - May 28, 2010

Thanks! And aww, cool picture! And congrats on your game!

2. anahappysword - May 30, 2010

Awesome pics!
My mom said that once a giraffe licked her face XD

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