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Grr June 3, 2010

Posted by Coskit in Uncategorized.

Detective Sneakyc, you have missed your day. If there was a legit conflict, like when Molly was in a lakehouse with no Internet, you will be excused, but until you give me an excuse, I’m releasing my army of ninja monkeys to haunt you.

In other news, a reporter named her female baby after Bill Clinton, an actor or two died, and a pitcher almost threw a perfect game and got a Corvette for consolation. Isn’t the world great?

*sigh* I have an English essay, a history scrapbook, a history essay, a math test, a bio project, and finals in all of these classes. I’m gonna get off the computer now.

Oh, and my mom blocked the PHB and Xat, so I won’t be on chat for a while until I figure out a way around those darned Parental Controls. Or I steal my mom’s laptop. Or…..I don’t know.




1. xXmoonyXx - June 3, 2010

Ha! Ninja Monkeys.

Look out for a little girl named BILL in the future. XD
The world is SO not great (if you know what I mean).

I hope you do well on your Finals! I know you will.

And I take it you either DID find a way to undo the parental controls, or you…well, you know. 😛

2. Molly98 - June 5, 2010

“Billia Clintonella”? Is that it? 😀

molly98 - June 6, 2010

Come back to the PHB soon… there’s a lot happening.

Coskit - June 7, 2010

I’ll try, I’ll try….currently I’m on my mom’s laptop. *evil grin*
If I can’t make it there, let me know what’s going on via this blog, ok?

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