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Be warned of the Purple Haired Clown BWHAHAHAHA July 2, 2010

Posted by rominay in Authors.

                                              Moony will not be posting next week because of her operation.

Hi, it’s me Kutie ^^ I am the purple haired clown that steals Cup Ramen. You all have been warned! Lol anyway, I’m 283 =D I play Poptropica, I’ll try to post often. And I like LOVE Yu-Gi-Oh and Yu-Gi-Oh 5DS. I hate GX.Click here for my blog.

My favorite color is Sky Blue. I have a big heart for pie also ^^ And I’d like to thank Coskit for letting me join. :p I go on the PHC and the PHF. But I don’t go much on the PHF. I like rock music, and I love Taylor Swift. I can name 24 bands in 2 minutes but not right now >.< Anyway ta ta for now!




1. Kambanjo - July 3, 2010

Welcome Kutie!!! And now I know where my noodles have been going. XD

Coskit - July 3, 2010

*eats ramen*

lolkutiepie - July 3, 2010

-Eats Coskit-

2. Coskit - July 4, 2010

😮 *eats Molly* And btw, Moony, what operation?

It’s not nice to eat your friends, Coskit! 😮

3. Annie - July 6, 2010

Hey! Who do I get to eat? xD LOL! I guess I’ll eat…ALL OF YOU!! 😛

lolkutiepie - July 7, 2010

Yu scary.. o.o JK JK

Jaz - July 14, 2010

LOL! 😆

4. molly98 - July 8, 2010

I’ll eat you all first! 😮

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