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I knew it would happen. July 26, 2010

Posted by Coskit in Uncategorized.

From the moment I joined the PHC, I could see that it would fall the way it is. It started out so nicely. It always does. But hate and corruption overpowered the judgment of some powerful people, and it began to change. The nice, almost naive chat changed slowly but surely in the wrong direction.

Now, we stand in the ruins of the once beautiful PHC. Fighting has taken over. The only peaceful conversations are between the younger members, who have not yet been exposed to this evil. Even when we try to be sensible, something happens and the vestiges of justice rust away.

Right now, I am using the best of my skill with words to make the public realize this. To let them know how the PHC fell, just like the Roman Empire. And to warn them of following this path to Hades. I am harnessing my power of speaking, of words to prevent the pure chats, the children out there from being scarred from corruption.

The PHC is falling, like a beautiful sculpture that has rusted away until a mere breeze makes it crumble. But when that breeze hits, I will be there to record it, and to mourn what has been.

I will return there a time or two, to see what has become of it. But no longer will I religiously go there in hopes of regaining friendships long broken.




1. Poptropicalthunder - July 26, 2010

I know. It changes your life, and the fighting started with THREE PEOPLE. It slowly got more furious, I’m sorry you had to quit.. I know I’m not brave enough to quit anything.. no matter how bad It is.
But I always respected you, and some other people did too.. just remember that. I’ll stick around here to see you, the PHC is a living dirt hole with ants fighting over food.. idk where that came from, but..

I don’t have much to even say there, you did deserve owner there.. the people there are so stupid..

but.. yeah..

2. lolkutiepie - July 26, 2010

Like PT said, I respect you too. Everything will always be changing. But when I’m down, I listen to Superchick. Their songs do cheer me up. If we believe and we had made, we’re gonna change the world someday. The PHC has gone crazy, all chats are crazy. The Internet can be a cruel place, don’t expect everything to be perfect. Even if it was perfect in the past..

3. krazigirl - July 26, 2010

Wow, that’s…that’s touching Aunty.

I know alot has changes over the 2 years, but we must think on how we can build a new, and much greater empire. The Roman Empire did fall, but we can make sometime permanent like the first English settle that still stands today, Jamestown.

It will be like our own little paradise. Where we can start fresh, do things our way.

4. hi.Juyo - July 26, 2010

The fighting can be [and has been] solved, the people corrupting the place can be taken away, and the wiser people can bring it all back together. Your leaving doesn’t help anything…

Coskit - July 30, 2010

You know what? If you don’t trust me enough to know that I can fix this, then my leaving does help. It sets an example for the future chatters. And btw, I’m really trying not to mention names, but the people corrupting the place are mostly your owners (minus me), and mods. Especially the ones that you listen to the most. Get it?

hi.Juyo - July 31, 2010

The only owners right now are myself, MonkeyTacoz, Zey, Tsuki, and Rai. I don’t think any of them are being corrupt. If you have a problem with anyone, you should know that leaving frustrated means you haven’t fixed anything.

If this is about your not being an owner, then that just shows you don’t trust my decision for the chat. Because mods are a big help too, and I really don’t see setting limits as a bad thing in this case.

5. anahappysword - July 26, 2010

wow.u quit……..
i wouldn’t have the strength to make such a decision,but you are clearly brave to walk away calmly,not worrying about what may go on there.
If it breaks until it is no more,you will not be broken.
If it is restored to it’s previous glory,and maybe even better,know that you have helped it be at least a bit better.
And although i am a bit upset that you left,i know in my heart that you have done the right thing,because you have.
May your future be brighter than you would expect.
~Anastasia aka Ⓛⓨⓢⓢⓐⓝⓓⓡⓐ.zombie_immortal/Ⓓⓘⓥⓐ_{MMSOSD}[DCPA]

6. メмσσηץメ - July 26, 2010

Um, that was EXTREME poetry and all, but… it’s just a stupid chat, right? *gulp* Don’t kill me.

Coskit - July 30, 2010

Yes, but it mirrors what occurs in the real world.

7. lolkutiepie - July 28, 2010

Maybe the fights have stopped, but they will always begin AGAIN. Very small fights, guest fights in fact. <_<

hi.Juyo - July 30, 2010

That’s what the staff are for… to stop those fights when they try to come back, however small it is.

Coskit - July 30, 2010

MAJOR FACEPALM. Did you not understand what I said at all? It is inherent in the chat. The fights are AMONG THE STAFF.

hi.Juyo - July 31, 2010

Lolkutiepie’s talking about guest fights. If there’s fighting among the staff, I can look into it, but as of right now there isn’t any.

8. PajamaZebra - July 31, 2010

This is one of the reasons why I quit… now it’s in comments on staff blogs.

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