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Don’t make me use my flamethrower. July 29, 2010

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Yeah, um… there’s been a lot of, oh, I dunno, HATING on the chat lately. Yeh, I know I said it was just a stupid chat. But you guys can be cruel. Here’s what has to go:

The use of Coskit as a swear word. Honestly, wth?

The talk about Coskit behind her back. What is this, 3rd grade?

Saying that Coskit is a power-hungry megalomaniac.

(to DB and PT) Being annoying i.e. Spamming, making rude comments ( like “I love you Moony”) and gawd knows what else.

And, uh, thats about it.


Oh yeah, and I will keel you if you say any derogatory comments about my girl, Coskit.



1. lolkutiepie - July 29, 2010

Ikr? Making her name as a swear word..? Thats just cold. I mean, what did she ever do to them? She only tries to help, not start a war. ._.

2. Coskit - July 30, 2010

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I mean it. Thanks a ton. And to the others outside this blog…I’ve made my choice.

3. Poptropicalthunder - July 31, 2010

I know… I think it’s kinda stopped now, but not completely.. DB and PT still are rude and stuff…


Coskit - July 31, 2010

Some people just can’t be trusted. They will never change.

4. lolkutiepie - August 2, 2010

The world is not evil because of the people, its evil because we choose to close our eyes.

5. random girl - August 7, 2010

I was wondering when a blog would bring this up… what those ppl are doing is kinda stupid (trying not to offend anyone TOO deeply…)

lolkutiepie - August 7, 2010

Ikr… And Alyssa you should change your pic xP

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