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What choice will YOU make? July 29, 2010

Posted by rominay in Uncategorized.

What will you fight for? You said you wanted to change something, well are you? You can wait for your own time to fall, or you can do something. You know you can do something, you know you don’t mean to. But is the price really worth it? Or is it. You only sit back there waiting for you own time to come, or maybe you’re too scared to make a change. Theres always time to change. You stand there, and do nothing. Or make the right choice, a hero.

They sit there alone, outcasts. Cause they want to belong, their pain is the price for you to belong. You can find out what your choice can mean to others. You think the choices you make, won’t make a difference. But you’re wrong. You could join the fight, for whats right.We choose to close our eyes, instead of doing the right thing.    Well, what are you waiting for? ~Pockii


Now on to more cheerful stuff. -Steals Coskys cheese poofys- MWHAHHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAA Anywho, what kinda waffles do you hate the most? I might love strawberries, but I hate the strawberry waffles. I tried eating it but, didn’t work out well. Well cheerio!



1. メмσσηץメ - July 30, 2010

Everyone should read this.

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