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Watermelons, and some other stuff August 8, 2010

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Good morning!  Actually, more like good night, because right now where I live it’s 9:00 PM.  Today on The Molly Show  (I couldn’t think of a better name – any ideas?)  we will be discussing watermelons.  🙂  Uh.. they’re green… and red inside… um… I don’t really have anything to say about them other than my own experiences.   I have two!  The first is my time at a camp, where there was a big field and we had hockey sticks and two goals.  We all thought we were just playing hockey on the grass, but we were actually going to play with a watermelon.  We thought it was going to be a blast, which it was at first.  But then after a while, everyone got tired and just stood around.  A girl in my cabin named Alex suggested that we try to break open the watermelon, since we were going to eat it afterward anyway.  So we all ran to the watermelon and beat it insanely with our hockey sticks until a crack appeared.  Then we ate it.  It was delicious.  😀   My other experience with watermelons began when I was visiting my grandparents’ house.  My cousins were there too, and one of them is named Sara.  My grandma had bought a watermelon, but it wasn’t completely ripe, so we had to wait a few days before we could eat it.  Sara decided that she would take the watermelon under her wing, since she thought that the watermelon as lonely, all alone sitting on the counter.  She kept it in the room she was sleeping in, and made it a bed out of old shirts she had found in the attic.  She insisted that we help it be paper-trained, and she, her brother Sean and I watched it and made sure it didn’t make a spot on the rug.  She fed it celery and milk.  This went on for quite a while, because somehow she preserved it for a few more days than intended.  We all thought she would be sad when we cut it open and ate it, but she was just a happy to eat its pink fruit as the rest of us.  I wonder if she was fattening up the watermelon to eat it the whole time.

Some people at the PHC insist that Xat is like a drug for me.  Which isn’t true, and also kind of creepy. I said that I quit, but I won’t just yet.  See, I felt bad about not saying goodbye to my friends, and I need a few more days to do that.  So I’ll be there a little longer.

That’s it for nao. 😛



1. αℓαѕтєιяє'ѕ_мσση - August 9, 2010

lol Watermelons. I see you’ve had some good times!

Me too, about Xat. I keep wanting to back to the PHC.

2. random girl - August 11, 2010

I’m addicted to Xat too… but I found other stuff, so it’s not as bad as when I first came on. Please don’t quit xat forever molly… I understand that people need a break, but you’re nice and fun to talk to.

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