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Eh, I really have no title. August 19, 2010

Posted by rominay in Uncategorized.

Power went out yesterday, a big one. It reached over like 200 miles or something. It was night at that time, and I was watching Big Brother.D:< Now, I never get to know what happens. Grr. Oh well, I can always watch on Youtube. I really have no topic today. Soo.. ZOOPALS. Summer is almost over, School is starting soon. Noo! Aren’t barking dogs enough? My dogs will bark all night long. If they hear something. Like a car passing by, or someone talking to someone else. They run to you, and bark at your legs. Either they want you to shut up, or give them something. But they’re always nice to my mom, (Who gives them treats) They want a LOT of things. Anyway, Pockii out ~



1. αℓαѕтєιяє'ѕ_мσση - August 19, 2010

AW DOGGIES! I used to have a dog… he ran away because we were giving him a vegetarian diet.

lolkutiepie - August 19, 2010

Sometimes dogs get really hungry and crave for human food/meat. Just like us, we crave for Sugar, its better to eat a little at a time, than eat it all at once. And thats so sad, did you guys put up posters?

2. molly98 - August 19, 2010

I have a dog… he does the same thing, but he’s so tired at night he only bark during the day. We live on a lake, so in the winter when it’s frozen he goes across it and meets people ice fishing. Once, he lost his way and we couldn’t find him for 5 days.. but now he has a tag on his collar and won’t get lost again. 😛

lolkutiepie - August 19, 2010

Lol, Skating puppy. What if he brought back something like from space when you found him, then you know where he spent his 5 days.

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