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R.I.P Moony. :( September 3, 2010

Posted by rominay in Authors, New stuff.

We all knew her, we felt how she felt before. And now shes gone.  She was a good friend, but she just didn’t have enough time. We don’t think Moony is a freak, we don’t think shes a weirdo, we don’t think shes a loser, we think shes our friend. Her life was hard. She didn’t deserve it. But I guess it was fate. 😦

Farewell Moony~

-Krazi’s poem for Moony-

Our Broken Friendship
I place our friendship in a circle
For I know it can never end
I can try to hide my feelings
I can try to pretend
But in the end I know
That the truth will be
Because in my heart I know
You mean the world to me
This wasn’t supposed to be easy
But after everything we’ve done together
I can’t just let go now
Because I thought this was forever
All the memories I have of us
They’ll live on forever
Even if I come to find
As best friends we’re no longer together
I’m beginning to accept that
People have to go their different ways
In my mind I always though
We would never go astray
It’s hard to believe that
People change and people grow
Is this really happening?
Or is it one big show?
I know I’m not strong enough
To keep on going like this
Because being best friends
I’d amazingly miss
If this happens
If it’s really true
My loss would be huge
I’d be lost without you
Now I’m lost
Without your friendship
The world has darken
The birds won’t even tweet
We’ve been blinded..
We couldn’t see that we needed you
You’ve always been there for us
But we couldn’t stop you this time..
We just wanted to let you know..
You’ll always be in our hearts ♥
When we struggle, we’ll remember you
As God’s helper, to bring us joy

We will all miss you Moony. D: -BunBun

Cheerio Moony. 😦

-Music she wanted us to play when she died-



1. Zey-shomi - September 4, 2010

😦 It’s so hard to know someone died…may God be with her soul.

2. The_nerd - September 4, 2010

Farewell, my tutor, my counselor, my fallen friend. You did well. And we loved you. So very much.

3. Poptropicalthunder - September 5, 2010

😦 Goodbye to Moony…

Her life was hard to deal with, really hard..

4. Coskit - September 5, 2010

Goodbye, my moon, my shining, glowing beacon in the sky. Every time I look up, I will think of you.

Molly….how did you find out?

molly98 - September 6, 2010

On my post about melons, there was a comment. On the chat it was proven to be true.

Lolkutiepie - September 7, 2010

I checked the IPs. They’re different.

5. Silver Coyote - September 5, 2010

😥 Moony was one of the coolest people on xat.
I didn’t even get to say goodbye.*sigh* 😥

6. random rrayray - September 6, 2010

Poor thing, she suffered so much. She’ll be happy now 🙂

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