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September 11th. September 11, 2010

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Hey.  So, it’s 9/11 today.  You know, when those terrorists crashed some planes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.  (one was supposed to hit the White House but landed in Pennsylvania instead) I wanted to watch the news on it this morning, but apparently the show I usually watch in the morning (it’s called Today) isn’t on this morning.  But seriously, 9/11  changed the world FOREVER.  Even my brothers remember this.   I mean, our sons, daughters, grandchildren, etc. will ALL know about this.  Imagine if this all didn’t happen.  It would have been a normal day on September 11th.  That doomed flight the terrorists were on wouldn’t have been doomed.  But you have to admit, what were we thinking before 2001 when you could just come right in to the cockpit of the plane where the pilot is without any key or anything? That’s just stupid.  But now we know how dangerous some things can be.  Even though 9/11 was pretty awful, we know more about what could happen to our country.  A couple good things came out of 9/11, but a lot more bad things did, too.  For example, in 2010.  A Christian pastor in NYC wants to burn a Koran (The Islamic holy book) and call it Burn A Koran Day.  He has the rights to do so, but it’s just wrong.  He and the members of his church have the idea that ALL Islamic people are terrorists.  This is like saying that all blondes are dumb.  Some blondes are dumb (I know a few) but not ALL of them are complete idiots.  That pastor is the idiot if you ask me.  They even have a Facebook page about Burn A Koran Day.  This guy has the rights and technically can burn Korans, but why sink to that level? Because of him, the country is outraged.  Almost all Islamic people had nothing at all to do with the attacks.  So, 9/11 should be remembered as a tragic day in US history and nothing more.

I’M BACK!  On September 11th, I:

Had a conversation with DS about ramen noodles

Emailed my brother about 9/11 and heard what it was like when he found out about 9/11

Tried to get an extra-credit essay done at 11:00 PM, but fell asleep in the middle of it and gave up

Watched a few episodes of The Office

Thought about my other brother, who is probably not having fun right now in the military college he’s going to.

It was an interesting September 11th.



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