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I’m back… and I’m so sorry. September 12, 2010

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Ok, you can call me a rotten person if you like, but this was all and experiment. In your defense, you guys reacted 5.7623 percent more emotionally than my hypothesis said. So kudos. I was actually going to wait longer before telling you.

Here’s the truth; I NEARLY killed myself. Nearly. If my brother hadn’t been there, all of those posts down there would have been somewhat legit.

You see, after my heart operation, I was on ALOT of medication. And what do you know, the side effects were depression and/or suicidal thoughts. Which kind of explains the way I was acting.

Then, I had a thought. How do human emotions react to sudden loss and grief? Would my folks miss me more than my friends? So, with a little planning and help from a friend, I decided to test this on you guys. Give a hand for Hiede, The_Nerd, for planting the facts, and David, my awesome brother, for saving me and pretending to be The_nerd on the chat.

And I feel terrible. I put you through so much pain, and it broke my heart to hear your goodbyes. I’m so sorry, I will never forgive myself for this. Never.



1. lolkutiepie - September 12, 2010

It’s okay Moony, I mean we’re all friends here no? But everyone kinda believed it, so good act. There’s nothing to be shamed of in my opinion.

2. мσσηץ - September 12, 2010

But you were all so miserable! I cried, it was so hearbreaking to read your posts…

3. molly98 - September 12, 2010

I agree with Pie.. it’s okay. I would have done the same thing… it is kind of interesting to test people here. I even said I quit, made a new account, and pretended it was a replacement when it was really me. I regret doing it, but everyone forgave me, and everyone will forgive you too.

4. Shaggy Tornado - September 12, 2010

I was going to do a memorial album, on Facebook XD. Welcome back moony! -hug-

5. Maximum Ride - September 12, 2010

It’s okay Moony! No one should hate you for what you did. I agree with the comments Molly and Pockii made… I feel so relieved about all of this.

Your friend,
P.S. I’m glad that you’re a mod.

6. krazigirl - September 12, 2010

OMGG!!!! im So happy! Im soo happy im crying tears of joy. And this hasnt happened since forever. (: Moony, it’s alright.n WE’ve all done some crazy things in the past. Dont worry. We’re just so glad you’re back. (: Btw, congratz on modd!!

~Krazi ♥♥♥♥♥

7. Jimmy Carl(DS) - September 12, 2010

Knew something was fishy.I can’t blame you for wanting to fool a bunch of people on za chat.

The most of the girls with the anger issues fell for it.IDK if Molly did though.

No, for your information, I didn’t, but I admit I had had doubts about Moony’s being alive when Hijuyo said she was dead. That doesn’t mean I believed the whole thing, though.

8. Amy - September 12, 2010

OMG!! I may not know u tht well, but I’m relieved u arnt dead:D

9. Coskit - September 13, 2010

Moony…..I knew that you didn’t really die. I don’t know how I knew, but I did. I somehow know things like that sometimes. Maybe I’m psychic. I don’t know. But I realized that you were testing us, maybe because it was exactly what I would do. But I hope you realize that we would all miss you if you did indeed leave us.

Oh btw I’m guessing David and Hiede (sp?) are your brother and sister. Who’s Isabel?

мσσηץ - September 15, 2010

lol Hiede is spelled with the i before e rule.

10. Silver Coyote - September 13, 2010

We forgive ya. I’m glad you aren’t dead.
P.S.How come I never see you on xat anymore,Moony? Oh and Coskit,I think Hiede is one of her friends and Isabel is her sister.

11. мσσηץ - September 15, 2010

How did you find out Isabel’s name? Did I tell you…? Probably.

The_nerd mentioned it on your blog.

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