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Well hello. September 17, 2010

Posted by molly98 in Uncategorized.

It’s a Friday night.  School was awkward because yesterday, I went to the eye doctor and they out drops in your eyes that make your pupils really dilated.  One of my eyes got back to normal overnight, but the other on is still big for some reason.  So I was walking around with and big pupil and one small pupil.  It freaked everyone out.

IN OTHER NEWS…  My school’s computer person is a stalker.  Complete story at 7:35! Please stay tuned!

Now it’s 7:35.  See, the school I go to gives laptops to people my age.  Since not all of us can be trusted *coughboyscough*  we have a computer person named Mr. F who lurks in his room and never comes out.  He just stays in there and hacks into our computers to see if we’re doing what we’re supposed to.  Creepy, right?  So during study hall, since I had no homework, I was playing around on Photobooth, which is a program where you can make your face look at squished and squiggly and stuff.  I was turning my head so it looked like I three eyes, when all of a sudden I hear this voice coming out of my computer that says “Hi, (my name)”.  I got so freaked out I dropped my laptop.  It almost hit the floor but it landed on my backpack. My teacher saw me drop it and got angry.

IN OTHER NEWS…  My stick got chipped during practice because an 8th grader hit it really hard.





1. lolkutiepie - September 24, 2010

..Weird o.o He’s.. Magical?

2. molly98 - September 25, 2010

Lol, no, he can hack.

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