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Random stuff September 26, 2010

Posted by molly98 in Uncategorized.

These things are cool because I think they’re cool.  JK. 😛

1.  something.com DB actually gave me this disguised as a tinyurl and told me it was a game site.  Yes, it actually exists!

2.  sometimesredsometimesblue.com *  Ah, I can while away the hours on this site, refreshing it over and over and watching it turn red. Then blue. Then red!  Then blue!  Then RED! Then BLUE! THEN RED!!! THEN BLUE!!!  You get the idea.

3.  http://solaas.com.ar/google/fly/


5.  http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com/

6.  SANTA HAS A FACEBOOK! I’ve finally found you, Santa… mwa ha ha..


8.  The ORIGINAL Rickroll!   I put this on here because, as you know, I love to Rickroll.

Even though Rick Astley is obviously lip-syncing, it was still epic.

9.  Moment of silence for Rick Astley – 1227 has been changed to a Saxroll instead of a Rickroll.  😦  See for yourself (though I don’t recommend it)


10.  Add your own random, pointless website in the comments below – it can be a Rickroll, but not a Saxroll.  Saxrolls suck.  And no sourmath!

*credit to Coskit for showing me the website.

Last but not least…



1. Anon01 - September 27, 2010

Coskit,I must have a private word with you.If there is any way to contact you privately,please reply.Important information.I don’t feel like spreading it.Reply to this message before the 28th of September.Thank you.

Coskit - September 27, 2010


2. мσσηץ - September 27, 2010

That is SO COOL!

3. Neat Tornado - October 1, 2010

UHhhhhhh, isn’t that big bird cooked on the table…. THAT’S cold!

4. lolkutiepie - October 2, 2010

Lol. Its so sad Rickroll got replaced. ;(

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