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hello again. September 3, 2011

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i dont know whos gonna read this. so let me just say im sorry and ill miss you guys and i love you with all my heart. im really sick. infected by dirty medical tools on my last operation.

the doctor says its fatal. and they wouldnt tell me anything else.

its been so hard seeing my family cry. ive never seen my dad cry before. its heartbreaking. im in so much pain physically and mentally. i regret so much that i lost contact with you guys because you were good friends… and good people.

and let me just say that im sorry we never got to hold a convention so we could meet eachother. make sure it happens, okay?

Thank you coskit, molly, kp, juyo, codien, motion, sg, ga, fs, krazi, josh, and everyone else i cant remember. i love you.

goodbye…for the last time.

moony i mean scarlet


dont cry for me.

and i think i should tell you now

my last name isnt moon

its dawn



1. Coskit - October 13, 2011


2. Mintbubblr - October 22, 2011

I feel like this isn’t a joke. It’s actually for real. I hope you get better, Scarlet 😦 Even though I’ve never had someone special to me die, this is a first. I hope you make it through. If you do, don’t be scared to contact us

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