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Well. Hi. October 15, 2011

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I’m not really sure what to do with this blog…..I tried to let it die for a while, since I got REALLY busy (dang, has it really been two years? I’m fifteen now?) with schoolwork and other things (college apps D:) but you guys are persistent, and I commend you for that.

I’ll try to post more, I guess…..I’m also gonna be using my WP account for other stuff, so changing my screen name to my real name. The name of the blog will follow suit.

Guys, I really have limited time, I may post once a week at most. I’d love to talk to you more, though, so as I’ve implored you before, give me your emails. I have a Gmail, so we can perhaps talk or chat.

One more thing…..about the post below…..is it true? David, Hiede, if one of you reads this, answer me, please.



1. Supercilious (a.k.a Hiede) - October 18, 2011

Okay. Let’s start from the beginning. Scarlet was born premature on July 2 1994 on Prince Edward Island in Canada. You didn’t know she wasn’t American, did you? She had a funny little accent too, when she said sorry it sounded like sowry. Anyway her parents began to realize her medical problems when she couldn’t hold a pencil in her right hand because she had nerve damage in her thumb. So she was left handed. Did you know that? When they moved to Virginia she was placed in Special Education because she had Asperger’s syndrome. Bet you didn’t know that either. She didn’t like feeling inferior and began homeschooling when she was 8. When she was 10 she was in a car accident that paralyzed her legs and killed her best friend. Scarlet graduated high school at age 15. When she tried to apply for college her parents were worried about her health condition and she had several consecutive surgeries. She never went to college. I suppose this led to a nervous breakdown followed by depression and an eating disorder that

2. Supercilious (a.k.a Hiede) - October 18, 2011

caused her to be almost anorexic. I think she did the whole “faked suicide” thing to make you guys have a false sense of security when she really did pass away. I don’t think you guys appreciated just how ingenious Scarlet was. She alone noticed the lung infection and she realized how long it would be before she died, which was a few months ago after her 17th birthday. And then she died, for real, when the infection spread to her heart. Her funeral was the following wednesday after she died. Now she’s gone forever and none of us will ever see her again.

3. Bianca - October 18, 2011


4. Supercilious (a.k.a Hiede) - October 19, 2011

September 29

5. Bianca - October 19, 2011


6. Supercilious (a.k.a Hiede) - October 20, 2011

Ummm her dad was Irish and her mum was Persian Korean

7. Supercilious (a.k.a Hiede) - October 20, 2011

Ugh nevermind obviously you weren’t her friend. You questioned everything about her.

8. Bianca - October 21, 2011


9. Supercilious (a.k.a Hiede) - October 21, 2011

She wasnt my sister

10. Summer - October 21, 2011

Ah… My god, I’m so sad she died. D:

11. Bianca - October 21, 2011


12. Supercilious (a.k.a Hiede) - October 21, 2011

Yes i knew her for 6 years she was my tutor

13. Bianca - October 21, 2011


14. Mintbubblr - October 22, 2011

Oops, I guess I should have read this first..Anyway, I’m sad too. ::feelsostupidcommentingwithsmartpeople:: I’m happy this blog is back up and alive, but it’s still so sad Scarlet died 😦

15. Supercilious (a.k.a Hiede) - October 22, 2011

Her younger brother is David he’s my boyfriend and her older sister is Isabel she’s a pharmacist now I think. Scarlet used to give me cello lessons.

16. Bianca - October 25, 2011


17. Supercilious (a.k.a Hiede) - October 25, 2011

David is the only one who knows her password. I’ll ask him to.

18. Bianca - October 26, 2011


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