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Who am I? You tell me.

Yeah. So, hi. Um, I’m Bianca, age fifteen.

Not really sure of any more specifics about myself, other than:

Well, uh, have a good day. Heh.

(I’m not letting this blog die again, but I’m sort of changing the style. I may also delete some past posts.)



1. silverwolf1 - February 11, 2010

Are you just talking about the effects of global warming?

Coskit: Yes, but at least it’s an interesting way to do it. Hasn’t it gotten you more aware to the effects of global warming?

silverwolf1 - March 17, 2010

True, true. Now there are more boring ways.

2. Hijuyo - February 12, 2010

Well said, Coskit! 🙂

3. Giant Hawk - February 18, 2010

Nice! I like your way of describing it better than straight foreward: The effects of global warming can cause… 😉

4. CoolKid24 - February 28, 2010

Awesome Coskit! Strong Words you got there!

5. Ocean Clover♣ - March 4, 2010

Coolio! I’m from Pluto, but I had to leave becaue of…ermm…reasons…

anahappysword - March 30, 2010

What kind of reasons…..(?) *raises eyebrow* 😉

6. The Decoder Mime - March 18, 2010

OMG! That’s SO emotional to me! I’m from,uh, a planet far beyond this galaxy ( uh,I’m from the Sombrero Galaxy and I am not Mexican).

anahappysword - March 30, 2010

Never heard of it…..
Maybe i’ll get my friend (from Venus) to fly me there….
Is it shaped as a sombrero?

Poptropican Storm - March 30, 2010

oh please, its not like that made me cry. its just a cool way to say that. Coskit can edit the comment and you’ll be happy.

7. dynaboa - March 30, 2010

Hey Coskit…….
I can’t remember… are you associated with the iBop? Nothing’s been going on there, so I emailed Tyrain about it. I was thinking about that if nobody wanted the iBop, I would take it. It’s a great site that shouldn’t be put to waste. I think Tyrain said that you were one of the people to contact…. I really hope you are. Stanford3 asked me to ask everybody else associated w/ the iBop- so I’m doing it. NEway, please respond. Stanford3 wants your confirmation.

Sorry to bother you.

Thanks! -Dynaboa

dynaboa - March 30, 2010

You can just reply to my pervious comment, and I’ll send the link to Stanford3.

8. Neat Tornado - May 5, 2010

What? I thought I was the last surviving one from that planet……. xD

9. lolkutiepie - May 8, 2010

I’m from the pie kingdom. And Mars. At the same time. How you ask,the world may never know. I like spoons do you? I am a hobo on earth. I have a job as being a clown. My boss pays me 1 penny per 5 hours. Isn’t that a lot! Hobos rule. My boss is coming. I’m using a kid’s computer. Goodbye!

10. molly98 - May 9, 2010

Oooh! I never thought of it that way! Nice job, Coskit!

11. BunBun - June 3, 2010

lol sounds like your real smart i bet u are!

12. young tooth - June 16, 2010

wow that was cool

13. poptropicaluver - June 16, 2010

beautiful speech!!!! you are truly a gifted child.

14. cr - June 21, 2010

and I will go with ana to keep her from uh……. crying 😛

15. Icy Comet - August 25, 2010

That was so cool!

16. Trusty Kid - August 29, 2010

I like your creativity

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