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Well. October 21, 2010

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Okay, am I the only one here?  I don’t mean to be mean or rude or anything, but it seems like no one cares anymore.  No one is posting, commenting, or anything…



Good morning! October 11, 2010

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Well, it’s a beautiful Monday morning.  The sun is shining over the water next to my house.  Maybe I’ll go kayaking today…  I would be in Social Studies right now, in school, but I don’t have to go to school today.  I love these holidays, don’t you?  In other news, there’s this tea brand that I’m addicted to. Like, I have at least two cups a day of it.  Right now the tea I’m drinking is called Bengal Spice. It’s a chai tea.  Someone I know showed me this video that I think is interesting.  He said that I am a present-minded hedonist, but I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

I’m actually supposed to be doing extra credit and cleaning my room right now, but… oh well. I’ll do that later.     I have a question for you guys.  A couple, actually.  The first one, what is your favorite food and why?  Favorite beverage?   And the other one, what is your opinion on making the school year a bit longer?  You see, in America, the president Barack Obama sees that America’s schools aren’t as advanced as the ones in other countries, and the children in the United States aren’t learning as much as they should be.  In fact, kids in America have more days off than days at school.   So what do you think?  Comment below…       One more.  What is the funniest youtube video you have ever seen?  I have a few favorites myself, but I will reveal those at a later time.


Good evening!  I have edited this post and now it is 5:53 PM.  Today was weird for the following reasons:

1.  My dog has been really lethargic lately. He didn’t eat or drink anything, so we took him to the vet and learned that he has intestinal blockage.  The vets worked on him most of the day, and he had IVs put in him to flush out whatever is in his intestine.  But that hasn’t happened yet, so he’s home now with an IV taped to his leg.  They even had to SHAVE his leg so they could put the IV in.   Tomorrow he has to go back to the vet to get more IVs.

2.  I’ve discovered another addiction of mine.. kayaking!  Wow, I’m such a hippie.  Tea, kayaking… what’s next?  Not showering?

3.  I have extra credit to do but never got it done.  Now I will be in trouble because I have a D+ average in Science.  Wow, I hate Science so much, but right now I am so screwed.

So that was my Columbus day.  How was yours?

My blog, a pink hippo, and the PHB October 1, 2010

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HEY, PHC!  IT’S MOLLY!  Yes, I spammed, and iTofu screenied it, so now I’ll get it trouble.  You guys can’t take a joke. 😛

Hello.   My entire weekend is RUINED.   I bombed a science quiz and now have to make it up in extra credit, which is due Monday.  And I have to do a LOT of extra credit.

Now, let’s get to a nicer topic.

They found a pink hippo in Kenya!  Isn’t that weird?   I’ll edit this later.  I have to go do some stuff.

Wildlife photographers in Kenya were pleasantly surprised to stumble across this rare site: a pink hippo.

Random stuff September 26, 2010

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These things are cool because I think they’re cool.  JK. 😛

1.  something.com DB actually gave me this disguised as a tinyurl and told me it was a game site.  Yes, it actually exists!

2.  sometimesredsometimesblue.com *  Ah, I can while away the hours on this site, refreshing it over and over and watching it turn red. Then blue. Then red!  Then blue!  Then RED! Then BLUE! THEN RED!!! THEN BLUE!!!  You get the idea.

3.  http://solaas.com.ar/google/fly/


5.  http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com/

6.  SANTA HAS A FACEBOOK! I’ve finally found you, Santa… mwa ha ha..


8.  The ORIGINAL Rickroll!   I put this on here because, as you know, I love to Rickroll.

Even though Rick Astley is obviously lip-syncing, it was still epic.

9.  Moment of silence for Rick Astley – 1227 has been changed to a Saxroll instead of a Rickroll.  😦  See for yourself (though I don’t recommend it)


10.  Add your own random, pointless website in the comments below – it can be a Rickroll, but not a Saxroll.  Saxrolls suck.  And no sourmath!

*credit to Coskit for showing me the website.

Last but not least…

Well hello. September 17, 2010

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It’s a Friday night.  School was awkward because yesterday, I went to the eye doctor and they out drops in your eyes that make your pupils really dilated.  One of my eyes got back to normal overnight, but the other on is still big for some reason.  So I was walking around with and big pupil and one small pupil.  It freaked everyone out.

IN OTHER NEWS…  My school’s computer person is a stalker.  Complete story at 7:35! Please stay tuned!

Now it’s 7:35.  See, the school I go to gives laptops to people my age.  Since not all of us can be trusted *coughboyscough*  we have a computer person named Mr. F who lurks in his room and never comes out.  He just stays in there and hacks into our computers to see if we’re doing what we’re supposed to.  Creepy, right?  So during study hall, since I had no homework, I was playing around on Photobooth, which is a program where you can make your face look at squished and squiggly and stuff.  I was turning my head so it looked like I three eyes, when all of a sudden I hear this voice coming out of my computer that says “Hi, (my name)”.  I got so freaked out I dropped my laptop.  It almost hit the floor but it landed on my backpack. My teacher saw me drop it and got angry.

IN OTHER NEWS…  My stick got chipped during practice because an 8th grader hit it really hard.



WB, Moony! September 12, 2010

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Moony, it’s not a big deal.   I’m serious, I would have done the exact same thing!  I think it’s rather fun to test people as long as you don’t hurt them permanently.   I pretended to be PajamaZebra for a while, and I got some people to believe me, too.  When I revealed myself, I said that I had made a mistake and that I regretted it.  Everyone forgave me, and already, people are forgiving you!  Seriously, we can all look back on this later and laugh.  We’ll be okay, Moony.

September 11th. September 11, 2010

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Hey.  So, it’s 9/11 today.  You know, when those terrorists crashed some planes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.  (one was supposed to hit the White House but landed in Pennsylvania instead) I wanted to watch the news on it this morning, but apparently the show I usually watch in the morning (it’s called Today) isn’t on this morning.  But seriously, 9/11  changed the world FOREVER.  Even my brothers remember this.   I mean, our sons, daughters, grandchildren, etc. will ALL know about this.  Imagine if this all didn’t happen.  It would have been a normal day on September 11th.  That doomed flight the terrorists were on wouldn’t have been doomed.  But you have to admit, what were we thinking before 2001 when you could just come right in to the cockpit of the plane where the pilot is without any key or anything? That’s just stupid.  But now we know how dangerous some things can be.  Even though 9/11 was pretty awful, we know more about what could happen to our country.  A couple good things came out of 9/11, but a lot more bad things did, too.  For example, in 2010.  A Christian pastor in NYC wants to burn a Koran (The Islamic holy book) and call it Burn A Koran Day.  He has the rights to do so, but it’s just wrong.  He and the members of his church have the idea that ALL Islamic people are terrorists.  This is like saying that all blondes are dumb.  Some blondes are dumb (I know a few) but not ALL of them are complete idiots.  That pastor is the idiot if you ask me.  They even have a Facebook page about Burn A Koran Day.  This guy has the rights and technically can burn Korans, but why sink to that level? Because of him, the country is outraged.  Almost all Islamic people had nothing at all to do with the attacks.  So, 9/11 should be remembered as a tragic day in US history and nothing more.

I’M BACK!  On September 11th, I:

Had a conversation with DS about ramen noodles

Emailed my brother about 9/11 and heard what it was like when he found out about 9/11

Tried to get an extra-credit essay done at 11:00 PM, but fell asleep in the middle of it and gave up

Watched a few episodes of The Office

Thought about my other brother, who is probably not having fun right now in the military college he’s going to.

It was an interesting September 11th.

I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY! O: September 3, 2010

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Sup.  I know it’s not my day.  But I had a secret that was eating me alive.  This is what it is!  I NEVER QUIT THE PHC!   My friend, PajamaZebra, was me in disguise.  I guess I just missed all my friends too much.  However, I won’t be on there very much longer.  Once Hijuyo catches wind of this, she’ll ban me forever.  She hates me enough already (yes, Hijuyo, I know you’re reading this, and I don’t care)  So, I’ll REALLY be quitting soon.

One more thing.  I know you guys heard about Moony.  She commited suicide on Wednesday.        Moony, you were going through a lot of pain.  We will never understand what it felt like to go through what you went through; we can only imagine.  With your own death soon approaching, you wanted to end your life before it faded away.   You were always the funny one, the kind one, the compassionate one, the forgiving one.  You will always be in our hearts.

~ R.I.P Scarlet ~

Hai dere. August 24, 2010

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Helloe.  Today we will be discussing melons.  Well, actually, just a poll… and I don’t know how to do polls on WordPress, so…

Do you like…

Honeydew melon?  (the green kind)

Cantaloupe?  (the orange kind)

Watermelon?  (we all know what watermelon looks like)  😛

I personally like watermelon… the really ripe kind.   Hm.. now I want some watermelon.

To get my mind off of… delicious, sweet, juicy watermelon… let’s talk about something gross. Like… Justin Bieber!  Now I don’t want watermelon.  🙂  The only thing I have to say about Justin Bieber before I puke is this:  I enjoy going on the JB chat and pretending to be JB, so all these fangirls ask me for my number and stuff and I tell them that JB hates them and/or spam.

To respond to Coskit’s post about doggies, here is a picture of my dog!

Oh shoot, Worpdress doesn’t like the type of picture it is.  Evil WordPress.  ):<

Now a question!

Pie:  what is your favorite type of pie?  (I know you’re going to say all pie, but just pick one. :D)

Moony:  What is your favorite type of moon?  Mine is either a full moon (when it’s really big.. the small full ones are disappointing) , or when it’s just a tiny little sliver in the sky.

Coskit:  What is your favorite colour?  (IT’S SPELLED WITH A U WORDPRESS!! o:<)

Also, to all you peeples, what’s your favorite band/artist?

(bonus:  favorite song?)

MOLLU OUT!  (yes, I meant Mollu)

I’m sorry I missed meh day.. August 16, 2010

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ELLO.  I totally forgot about posting yesterday.. I’m sorry. 😦  I was kinda stressed about my brother.  See, one of my brothers pulled out one of my baby teeth yesterday, and I was freaked out about it.  Because he’s my brother.. O:  He’ll be gone soon, though, along with my other brother… and I’LL BE ALONE WITH MY PARENTS! *scary music*  N-E-WAII…

I quit the PHC.  For good this time.  I sent in one of my friends to report on what’s going on, because she really wanted to join the chat.  She’ll let me know the happenin’s at the chat.  Her name is PajamaZebra, and she told me she’s already a member.. AWESUMM.

I am scared.  My last baby tooth will be taken out by my brother.  D:  I’ll post back next week… IF I SURVIVE…