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hello again. September 3, 2011

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i dont know whos gonna read this. so let me just say im sorry and ill miss you guys and i love you with all my heart. im really sick. infected by dirty medical tools on my last operation.

the doctor says its fatal. and they wouldnt tell me anything else.

its been so hard seeing my family cry. ive never seen my dad cry before. its heartbreaking. im in so much pain physically and mentally. i regret so much that i lost contact with you guys because you were good friends… and good people.

and let me just say that im sorry we never got to hold a convention so we could meet eachother. make sure it happens, okay?

Thank you coskit, molly, kp, juyo, codien, motion, sg, ga, fs, krazi, josh, and everyone else i cant remember. i love you.

goodbye…for the last time.

moony i mean scarlet


dont cry for me.

and i think i should tell you now

my last name isnt moon

its dawn


This place is dead. January 22, 2011

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It’s a fact. Sad but true.

Which is really sad because this used to be alot of fun. =c

No one ever posts anymore. You guys are really creative! Don’t stop.

Don’t let this place be a dead blog (like mine). +.+


help December 9, 2010

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i dont have much time im being chased hiding in a restraunt theyre coming theyre going to hurt me and i cant get away not like this not in my wheelchair i need help someone anyone

Okay, so if I texted you this, would you a) Rush to help me    b) get someone to help me        c) Inquire what the heck I’m talking about      or        d) Pass out with fear for my well being

I was bored.



P.S. Yes, I was on the PHC. But I won’t be on often.

Femme Fatal October 28, 2010

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I’m sorry that you guys haven’t seen me forever! My computer crashed TWICE. I lost all of my files, so darn.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that I won’t be on the chat anymore. I’m sorry.

Anyway, about the title. My friend called my that the other day. XP It means I’ll trick you into doing something, then I’ll kill you. HA!… but you know I wouldn’t do that.

I haven’t eaten M&Ms in 3 hours…wait, nevermind I just ate some. 😀 I crave them night and day.

Lalala running out of things to say.

Oh, and Happy Halloween! Ooh, just makes me want to watch Nighmare Before Christmas! (LOVE that movie!)



I am not a… lesser being… October 10, 2010

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Don’t ask.

Er… of you had to read a book, what would it be about? I’m thinking of writing one for you guys.

Also, I had my first week of classes. =c I’m stuck with weird testosterone fueled college sophmores and ancient grandpas. It sucked. I miss my family… and piano.

You know what’s really odd? I feel like everything bad that has ever happened… is my fault.

Like, if I had been smarter and not taken too many pain killers, I wouldn’t have had to go to the hospital and get my stomach pumped, and while I was doing that and keeping the nurses busy, a baby died in the waiting room. Do you see?

Anyway, in other news… there is no other news.

Catcha later,


Herh… that’s no title… September 25, 2010

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Thursdays DEFINITELY won’t work for me anymore. I need weekends, I’m super busy right now.

My flight to New York is on Tuesday… I’m not sure if I should celebrate or weep.

Don’t expect to see me on the chat as much. Like I said, super busy.


Thus concludes another rather short post.


I’m back… and I’m so sorry. September 12, 2010

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Ok, you can call me a rotten person if you like, but this was all and experiment. In your defense, you guys reacted 5.7623 percent more emotionally than my hypothesis said. So kudos. I was actually going to wait longer before telling you.

Here’s the truth; I NEARLY killed myself. Nearly. If my brother hadn’t been there, all of those posts down there would have been somewhat legit.

You see, after my heart operation, I was on ALOT of medication. And what do you know, the side effects were depression and/or suicidal thoughts. Which kind of explains the way I was acting.

Then, I had a thought. How do human emotions react to sudden loss and grief? Would my folks miss me more than my friends? So, with a little planning and help from a friend, I decided to test this on you guys. Give a hand for Hiede, The_Nerd, for planting the facts, and David, my awesome brother, for saving me and pretending to be The_nerd on the chat.

And I feel terrible. I put you through so much pain, and it broke my heart to hear your goodbyes. I’m so sorry, I will never forgive myself for this. Never.

Erm… ok, I’ll say it. August 12, 2010

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 I have heart murmurs. It means irregular heart beats. So, once again, I’m going to have surgery and have a Pacemaker put in. *shudder* Why do I have all of these medical problems? Is it punishment for something I did in another life? Mebbe. My life is such a freak drama right now.

My brother broke his arm when we chased eachother down a hill and I crashed into him.

My sister is stuck at home with pneumonia. Poor thing.

I’m stuck in this weird love triangle right now, but you don’t want to hear about that.

And maybe some day, the doctors are going to find something wrong with me that they can’t fix and I’ll have to die a slow and painful death.

On that happy note, I finished Skullduggery yesterday.


My time has come. August 5, 2010

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I am quitting Xat completely except for Coskit’s chat. I’m sorry. I can’t take the pain of losing you guys, so I have to get it over like this.

My sources (Thanks, Pockii) implicate that the “hacking” wasn’t done by Orbit/Tape at all. The password was guessed. Some hackers.

Thus concludes a relatively short post.


Don’t make me use my flamethrower. July 29, 2010

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Yeah, um… there’s been a lot of, oh, I dunno, HATING on the chat lately. Yeh, I know I said it was just a stupid chat. But you guys can be cruel. Here’s what has to go:

The use of Coskit as a swear word. Honestly, wth?

The talk about Coskit behind her back. What is this, 3rd grade?

Saying that Coskit is a power-hungry megalomaniac.

(to DB and PT) Being annoying i.e. Spamming, making rude comments ( like “I love you Moony”) and gawd knows what else.

And, uh, thats about it.


Oh yeah, and I will keel you if you say any derogatory comments about my girl, Coskit.