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lolKutiepie – I have many names, but one of them is Pockii. I’m the ruler of pie. :p Click here for my blog.My favorite color is sky blue, I steal Cup Ramen. (If you didn’t read my first post) I go on the PHC a lot. My BFF is Bella, I go on AQW. I’m Alkeza. I am a HUGE fan of Yu-Gi-Oh and I liek stealing Bianca’s cheese poofys. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! And I guess thats all, now stop reading about this D:

XxMoonyXx – ‘Ello! I am xXmoonyXx, a.k.a. Moonlight91 or Scarlet. I’m 16 years old, and I live in the U.S. You can see me on the PHB chat often . I play several instruments including piano and violin, but I also like rock and metal music. I like rainy days and endless reading. I like the website Poptropica, and my name is Invisible Skull. I will be starting Cornell University in Ithaca, New York in the fall, and it’s a bit nerve racking. I hope you all enjoy my posts and me!

Molly98 –   Hi!  I’m Molly.  I enjoy reading, playing lacrosse and field hockey, and biking.  And of course blogging here!  😀  I post about myself and news events I think are important, pictures that I edit, or just things I think are interesting. My favorite color is yellow because I think it represents happiness.  If I edit pages here, it will usually be in yellow if I don’t put my name.  I’m a Lutheran, but I usually don’t post religious things online.  My favorite subject is history.  I love finding out new things, and I also enjoy learning new words.  I hope you enjoy me on the staff here!




1. BunBun - June 3, 2010

kool bios! 😀

2. Ghosty - July 10, 2010

Hi. 😀

3. એhأtê.Ṣ¶¡dęr - February 11, 2011

cool nice name it’s awesome that you have an custom name on poptropica.

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