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lol dead August 1, 2011

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I remembered a place

It was filled with poems and stuff and posts and crap

but now it’s just like



What happened to this blog?


I’m alive too. October 23, 2010

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Yeah.. Nothing really to post now. I might as well post something. Well what are you gonna be for Halloween? Crayon Box FTW. That’s gonna be hard to make..xD  Recently my ”Cousin” is erm.. depressed. His father just passed away from Cancer. (Really, when is a cure coming out F3 ) Anywho, I’d be posting stories.. Once I get a chapter done.. If I get time. Coskit, are you dead? Because you don’t post much. Well I don’t because I forgot to log in. I seen Moony and Molly recently, but Coskit come on,are you alivee? Well, I’m so obsessed with ACWW..(Animal Crossing Wild World) I’m making my brother get his..xD I find it child appropriate. Well sometimes.




(Put title here) September 17, 2010

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I dunno… I missed my day soooo…. New topic.=D

I think there’s a war between 7Eleven, and Mini Market. (Which recently opened up) Everyone’s like ”GO MINI MARKET!!!” But 7Eleven is better to me. (: They have Slurpees. ;D And Mini Market has.. Oreo Cookies. I rode my bike down there, and like 7Eleven was empty. 😦 And then I saw oldies on skateboards LOL. (Strange.. I went to the store the next day, and I saw these guys going ”OOH I WANT THIS ONE!!! IT’S SO RARE!” And they were in their 30’s.) Then my brother said they sold Slurpees at the Mini Market… Nah. I really don’t know now.. Ta-ta!

WordPress vs Blogger August 12, 2010

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As you can see, since I am posting on WordPress, I probably choose WordPress. Blogger is great and all, but I like WordPress better.

  • You can edit templates on Blogger, but on WordPress no. 1 point Blogger, 0 point WordPress.
  • Comments – cannot be edited on Blogger, but on WordPress you can. 1 point Blogger, 1 Point WordPress
  • Pages – Up to 10 for Blogger, Static Pages can be listed in different Menus. 1 point Blogger, 2 Point WordPress
  • (I’m gonna quit doing the points now) Contact Forums – For Blogger, no. WordPress, just add a tag.

There are many more reasons, but I’m just gonna stop there. Since I don’t really know what to post about. Well,Pockii out.

Comments you hate August 5, 2010

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Whats up with these comments? Like they say ” Something about Name here’‘ And their name is the title of the blog, and their blog is the same a your title. So for example, they would send a pingbacks to their blog. So it would look like this,

Something about Inventorkid..


It would look something like that. I get it on one of my blogs, its annoying. T_T Sometimes their blogs aren’t even real. Now lets move onto something else more annoying. Ads.

They would say something cool about your blog, and then talk about this. ”Blah blah blah, do you need coffee, but you don’t wanna walk down to Starbucks?!? Get the blah blah” Spammers these days. I can go on, but I don’t wanna make you read all of this. Soo, peace.