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I am not a… lesser being… October 10, 2010

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Don’t ask.

Er… of you had to read a book, what would it be about? I’m thinking of writing one for you guys.

Also, I had my first week of classes. =c I’m stuck with weird testosterone fueled college sophmores and ancient grandpas. It sucked. I miss my family… and piano.

You know what’s really odd? I feel like everything bad that has ever happened… is my fault.

Like, if I had been smarter and not taken too many pain killers, I wouldn’t have had to go to the hospital and get my stomach pumped, and while I was doing that and keeping the nurses busy, a baby died in the waiting room. Do you see?

Anyway, in other news… there is no other news.

Catcha later,



Art of Problem Solving October 7, 2010

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Awesome math forum website. It also has other things than math, but it is mostly math. There are games, discussions, competitions, problems, everything. www.artofproblemsolving.com

JOIN IT!!!!!!!!!!

When you have joined, post your username in a comment so I can friend you.

JOIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m late… Again October 2, 2010

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I don’t really know what to post about but, anywho. My birthday was a couple of days agoo. 😀 I can’t stop playing Drawn To Life. (The Next Chapter) Dx I named one hero Skittle Man. And the other Steve the Ninja. It’s quite fun. After hours of pulling stuff out of my bed, I found my DS. It was worth it. Kinda wonder why it’s still warm, even though Summer is gone. (Well, its warm here) Sometimes it gets too hot. But yeah. 28 Days til Halloween. 😉 I have no idea what I’m gonna be LOL. Probably a magical pony, or the scariest thing in the world.. School.

Nah, probably not. Well I have no idea what to say nao.. So…


My blog, a pink hippo, and the PHB October 1, 2010

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HEY, PHC!  IT’S MOLLY!  Yes, I spammed, and iTofu screenied it, so now I’ll get it trouble.  You guys can’t take a joke. 😛

Hello.   My entire weekend is RUINED.   I bombed a science quiz and now have to make it up in extra credit, which is due Monday.  And I have to do a LOT of extra credit.

Now, let’s get to a nicer topic.

They found a pink hippo in Kenya!  Isn’t that weird?   I’ll edit this later.  I have to go do some stuff.

Wildlife photographers in Kenya were pleasantly surprised to stumble across this rare site: a pink hippo.

Random stuff September 26, 2010

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These things are cool because I think they’re cool.  JK. 😛

1.  something.com DB actually gave me this disguised as a tinyurl and told me it was a game site.  Yes, it actually exists!

2.  sometimesredsometimesblue.com *  Ah, I can while away the hours on this site, refreshing it over and over and watching it turn red. Then blue. Then red!  Then blue!  Then RED! Then BLUE! THEN RED!!! THEN BLUE!!!  You get the idea.

3.  http://solaas.com.ar/google/fly/


5.  http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com/

6.  SANTA HAS A FACEBOOK! I’ve finally found you, Santa… mwa ha ha..


8.  The ORIGINAL Rickroll!   I put this on here because, as you know, I love to Rickroll.

Even though Rick Astley is obviously lip-syncing, it was still epic.

9.  Moment of silence for Rick Astley – 1227 has been changed to a Saxroll instead of a Rickroll.  😦  See for yourself (though I don’t recommend it)


10.  Add your own random, pointless website in the comments below – it can be a Rickroll, but not a Saxroll.  Saxrolls suck.  And no sourmath!

*credit to Coskit for showing me the website.

Last but not least…

Herh… that’s no title… September 25, 2010

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Thursdays DEFINITELY won’t work for me anymore. I need weekends, I’m super busy right now.

My flight to New York is on Tuesday… I’m not sure if I should celebrate or weep.

Don’t expect to see me on the chat as much. Like I said, super busy.


Thus concludes another rather short post.


Quotes Page September 18, 2010

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Hi guys. I added a new Quotes page so we can post any cool quotes that we’ve heard/read. You guys are admins now, so you can edit the page and add quotes. The rest of the people who read this, if you know a quote that you want us to add, just post it in a comment with who said it.

Quotes can be from famous people, books, movies, friends and family…really, from anything at all. As long as they aren’t inappropriate.

Enjoy the quotes page!

Well hello. September 17, 2010

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It’s a Friday night.  School was awkward because yesterday, I went to the eye doctor and they out drops in your eyes that make your pupils really dilated.  One of my eyes got back to normal overnight, but the other on is still big for some reason.  So I was walking around with and big pupil and one small pupil.  It freaked everyone out.

IN OTHER NEWS…  My school’s computer person is a stalker.  Complete story at 7:35! Please stay tuned!

Now it’s 7:35.  See, the school I go to gives laptops to people my age.  Since not all of us can be trusted *coughboyscough*  we have a computer person named Mr. F who lurks in his room and never comes out.  He just stays in there and hacks into our computers to see if we’re doing what we’re supposed to.  Creepy, right?  So during study hall, since I had no homework, I was playing around on Photobooth, which is a program where you can make your face look at squished and squiggly and stuff.  I was turning my head so it looked like I three eyes, when all of a sudden I hear this voice coming out of my computer that says “Hi, (my name)”.  I got so freaked out I dropped my laptop.  It almost hit the floor but it landed on my backpack. My teacher saw me drop it and got angry.

IN OTHER NEWS…  My stick got chipped during practice because an 8th grader hit it really hard.



(Put title here) September 17, 2010

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I dunno… I missed my day soooo…. New topic.=D

I think there’s a war between 7Eleven, and Mini Market. (Which recently opened up) Everyone’s like ”GO MINI MARKET!!!” But 7Eleven is better to me. (: They have Slurpees. ;D And Mini Market has.. Oreo Cookies. I rode my bike down there, and like 7Eleven was empty. 😦 And then I saw oldies on skateboards LOL. (Strange.. I went to the store the next day, and I saw these guys going ”OOH I WANT THIS ONE!!! IT’S SO RARE!” And they were in their 30’s.) Then my brother said they sold Slurpees at the Mini Market… Nah. I really don’t know now.. Ta-ta!

I don’t know what to say. September 13, 2010

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I really don’t.

But I know the feeling. I’m usually not who I say I am on the Internet.

Also, judging from DS’s comment, he’s changed quite a bit. I wish I could be friends with the new DS, but I don’t want to get on chat. It’s just addictive.

Oh, and, Moony. Get an account on http://www.artofproblemsolving.com . It’s a great forum/website for people who like math (and other stuff too, but mostly math). We can communicate through Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) too. And I think you’d like it. If you click on Community, you access a forum, and you can play games, talk to people, do math, or anything. Every AoPS user also gets a blog that they can do whatever they want with. It’s my favorite website. When you get an account, tell me the username. Or Private Message me. My username is QuantumTiger.

Also, Moony. Can I have your email so we can keep in touch?

Are we allowed to edit other people’s posts?

Yes, but check with me first. What do you want to edit? You could just post a comment, you know.

Mm… nah.