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I’m alive too. October 23, 2010

Posted by rominay in Random.
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Yeah.. Nothing really to post now. I might as well post something. Well what are you gonna be for Halloween? Crayon Box FTW. That’s gonna be hard to make..xD  Recently my ”Cousin” is erm.. depressed. His father just passed away from Cancer. (Really, when is a cure coming out F3 ) Anywho, I’d be posting stories.. Once I get a chapter done.. If I get time. Coskit, are you dead? Because you don’t post much. Well I don’t because I forgot to log in. I seen Moony and Molly recently, but Coskit come on,are you alivee? Well, I’m so obsessed with ACWW..(Animal Crossing Wild World) I’m making my brother get his..xD I find it child appropriate. Well sometimes.